On-site testing of corrosion inhibitor protection

your 5 minute solution


Open the app on your phone, insert a newly sanded probe into the unit and away you go.

Tap water reference

A sample of the house tap water is tested for 30 seconds to provide a control reference.

System water test

The heating water is tested over 4 minutes to determine the amount of chemical inhibitor in the system.


A test report certificate can be generated and shared with the client or printed.

i-TEST in Use

The easiest way to tell you how it’s done is to show you…

Scalemaster has developed i-TEST, a battery-powered hand-held inhibitor tester to give an instantaneous on-site assessment of whether the water in a central heating system is fully protected against corrosion irrespective of the corrosion inhibitor manufacturer.

i-TEST Control

The i-TEST unit has a companion app
available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

The app communicates with the i-TEST unit using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.  The unit does the work and the app displays the results in a user-friendly, easy-to-read format.

When the test has completed, the results are saved in the cloud and can be referred to whenever needed.  A report can be generated via the app which is available to print or to share with the client.

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